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December 10, 2013

The End of Beale Street Chic

I started this blog close to four years ago because I wanted to combine my love of writing with my love for fashion. Throw in love for the city of Memphis and you've got Beale Street Chic in a nutshell.

My first hesitation wasn't if I thought I could actually pull it off, it was if I felt I could maintain it.

And maintain I did. For a very long time I posted several times a week. Sometimes Often more than once in a single day. This slowed a little when I got accepted into graduate school and started working part-time as a graduate assistant. 

But since I haven't even updated this blog since August, I think it's time for me to step away. 

I blogged not because I wanted income or notoriety but because I loved doing it.

This blog has become a wonderful part of my life. (It's even on my resume lol).

I've made great connections through it. I've gotten to attend wonderful events in the city gratis, meet some amazingly talented folks associated with the city's local fashion industry, go behind the scenes of some cool boutiques, and model in few fashion shows, among other things. 

It has truly been great. All of the hours I put into this site were well spent.

I've seen the fashion industry here blossom and am excited about what will come in the future.

Two of my girlfriends are Memphis fashion bloggers that are doing awesome things. Events, street style, photo editorials, pop up boutiques, and great collaborations. Their enthusiasm and creativity is inspiring.

My love for Memphis, fashion, and writing still remain. This blog just won't.

So when you see me out and about, say hi. :-)

Thank you,
Elle Perry

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